President of the Council of Bureaux

14 August 2015 — Oleg DORONCEANU
jean_zennersXPRIMM: At the end of May the CoB General Assembly decided to suspend Moldova from the Green Card System starting October 1st. Which are the requirements which Moldova have to fulfill in order to avoid the suspension?
Well, the decision came after the Moldavian companies failed to comply with the basic principles of the Green Card System: protection, trust, financial stability of the companies, fraud and aspects related to uninsured driving. I can also say that for the moment we only monitor certain information regarding the Moldavian companies and market. This information will be examined by the Monitoring Committee of the Green Card System next week. Afterwards, the Management Committee will take a decision about this issue.

XPRIMM: How do you assess the local market? Are they successful in fulfilling the requirements?
I have no doubts they are willing to do it. But the task is not easy. This is not something which can be done very fast. There are many different things to do. But I do not doubt about their willingness to do it better than they did it in the past. I don't have any doubts.

XPRIMM: Are there any examples of countries which have faced the same situation and were monitored for the same period?
We never had a country which was on a monitoring mode of such content. But of course, we had countries which we were monitoring. There are always markets which have problems. It's very clear that such a big organization as we are had in the past even more problematic cases than in Moldova. There were also examples where we decided the exclude certain countries from the system. So, the situation in Moldova is severe but it is not a situation we've never experienced before.

XPRIMM: And your presence here speaks for itself that you are willing to discuss with the companies about the right solutions?
Of course. Otherwise we wouldn't be here. The Council is always eager and always mobilizes to help members which face difficult times. There is no pleasure for us to sanction or to come to monitor the situation. We always try to help and try to find solutions.

XPRIMM: What will be the consequences of a suspension?
First of all Moldavian insurance companies will not be allowed to sell green card policies anymore, which means that they will lose an important part of their business. Another one, the Moldavian drivers will have no possibility to freely go outside of the country without purchasing frontier insurance. And frontier insurance is much more expensive than buying a green card here. Also, the Moldavian Bureau will still have to pay claims for policies sold before.

XPRIMM: Is there a possibility for Monitoring Committee to decide to postpone the suspension period?
It is a theoretical possibility but it is up to the management of the Council of Bureaux to decide if this could be done in practice. This is not in my powers. This is in the power of the Management Committee of the Council of Bureaux.

XPRIMM: As far as you know, were there any situations where the suspension was postponed?
Not to my knowledge. The Council of Bureaux will always take care that our entrances are not full closed. So even if there would be a suspension, the Council of Bureaux still will take care to make sure that we will have the Moldavian market and Moldavian Bureau to take necessary steps to avoid this situation in the future.

XPRIMM: What are your recommendations for the local companies?
To respect the rules.

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