Join financial experts from all over the world at the Market Developments within Direct Lending...

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Join financial experts from all over the world at the Market Developments within Direct Lending Conference

As banks withdraw from direct-lending, which has been traditionally viewed as a high-risk but high-yield asset, fund managers have begun to fill the void in the market with a particular focus on SMEs. In recent years regulators have also acknowledged the importance and value of having funds who specifically deal with direct lending, and so legislation has been altered to not only make it easier for funds to distribute loans, but also actively encouraged by European governments.

The European market, whilst shaping up to become a worthy rival to the long standing American market, still has a long way to go. With no universal fund model or regulation, it is increasingly important funds are aware of the unique challenges each European fund faces, whilst also overcoming the continuing market challenges of sourcing deals and deploying capital.

This marcus evans event will provide a pan-European insight into direct lending trends and challenges that are facing the direct lending market in the current economic situation. Industry experts will present their own unique experiences when breaking into the different European markets such as Germany and Spain, providing delegates with first hand advice, insider knowledge on regulations, and the rewards each country has to offer.

Attending this marcus evans Conference will enable participants to:
  • Obtain a full overview of the market to discover where opportunities can be found and what competitors are doing
  • Assess the main factors impacting investors and borrowers to see how they are viewing direct lending
  • See what the latest regulatory updates are affecting the direct lending market
  • Gain insights into how firms are dealing with the practicalities of growing their direct lending businesses
The Market Developments within Direct Lending Conference takes place on 11-12 May, 2017, in London, United Kingdom and is supported by XPRIMM Publications as Media Partner. For more information regarding this event please email Constandinos Vinall at or visit the website.

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Editor: Adina TUDOR | Published on 10.03.2017

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