Joint meeting of Belarusian Nuclear Insurance Pool and Representatives of International Nuclear Insurance Pools, the General Purposes Committee (GPC)

2 March 2020 — press.release

On 5 February 2020 a joint meeting of the members of Belarusian Nuclear Insurance Pool (Belarus Re, Belgosstrakh, Eximgarant of Belarus), the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Belarus, the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Belarus, RUE "Belarusian NPP" and representatives of international nuclear insurance pools, the General Purposes Committee (GPC), was held in Minsk. They discussed issues in respect to insurance & reinsurance coverage for risks arising from Belarusian NPP operation, as well as opportunities to enhance international cooperation in the field of Nuclear TPL, Property and CAR/EAR Reinsurance.

Deputy Minister - Ministry of Finance of Belarus Andrei Belkovets addressed the meeting with welcome speech.

The international nuclear insurance pools were represented by the following delegates:
  • Alain Quere - Pool Manager, SPN (Switzerland) and GPC Chairman;
  • Mark Popplewell - Managing Director, NRI (UK) and GPC Secretary;
  • Gilles Trembley - Managing Director, ASSURATOME (France) and Claims Sub-Committee Chairman;
  • Juan Rincon Arevalo - Director General, ARN (Spain) and Engineering Sub-Committee Chairman;
  • Achim Jansen-Tersteegen - Managing Director DKVG (Germany);
  • Tomohiro Ichiki - Director and General Manager, JAEIP (Japan);
  • Oleksandr Babenko - Director General, UNIP (Ukraine).

As at 20 February 2020, cooperation agreements in the field of nuclear risks reinsurance were signed with thirteen international nuclear insurance pools. In the near future, two more similar agreements are expected.


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