June series of storms caused insured losses of EUR 1.7 billion in Germany

8 July 2021 — Daniela GHETU
The series of thunderstorms from June 18 to 30, 2021 with heavy rain and hail caused insured losses of EUR 1.7 billion according to preliminary estimates by the Association of the German Insurance Industry (GDV), thus becoming one of the most devastating weather events in the history.

Out of the total figure, EUR 1 billion goes to property insurers for damaged houses, household effects, commercial and industrial companies. With around 275,000 damages totaling EUR 700 million, motor insurers are also particularly hard hit by hail damage, GDV said also emphasizing that in the future the frequency and intensity of such events will increase.

Second largest hail and heavy rain event since 2002

In property insurance, the damage is broken down as follows: EUR 600 million is attributable to hail damage and EUR 400 million to other natural hazards (heavy rain), accounting for the second largest hail or heavy rain event for property insurers since 2002. Only the hail "Andreas" caused more damage in 2013 with around EUR 2 billion. In the case of other natural hazards (heavy rain), the damage was only higher for "Elvira II" in May 2016 at EUR 480 million.

For the motor vehicle insurers, the most recent series of storms means the fourth largest hail damage in the period under review, the most expensive event remains the "Munich hail" of 1984 at over two billion euros.

Damage caused by natural forces is often not covered

The actual storm damage is even higher, because not all houses are fully insured. While almost all residential buildings nationwide are protected against storms and hail, only 46% have protection against other natural hazards such as heavy rain and floods, GDV said in an article published on its website.

In order to sensitize homeowners to the danger posed by natural disasters, the GDV has started the "Natural Hazard Check" . On the online platform, property owners and tenants can find out what damage bad weather has caused to their place of residence in the past and can thus better assess their individual risk.

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