KAZAKHSTAN: Ministry of Health: The number of uninsured population is still high at 20%

31 December 2021 — Marina MAGNAVAL
The number of uninsured population in Kazakhstan is still very high and amounts to 20% of the country's population, as reported by the Vice Minister of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan Asem NUSUPOVA,

Kazinform reports.

"Today, healthcare as an industry is developing at a very fast pace, and often technologies can radically change certain indicators in cardiac surgery, oncology, traumatology and orthopedics. ... introduction of compulsory health insurance has contributed to an increase in costs, for example, for financing of high-tech services and development of rehabilitation. But considering low rates on premiums from employers and the population, it is still difficult to count on this source", explained Asem NUSUPOVA.

According to the vice-minister regarding the structure of expenditures on medical care, HTMS (high-tech medical services) in the amount of KZT 63.8 billion is 80% financed from the compulsory social health insurance fund and in relation to the total costs of inpatient care is only 17%, while to the total volume of the Fund's expenses - 3%.

"We have to admit that the number of uninsured population is still very high and currently accounts for 20% of the country's population (3.8 million people). But the insurance model is not accidentally called social: the state, as you can see, still retains huge obligations in financing the industry and in the near future, of course, it is budgetary expenditures that will dominate as a source of financing for health care, especially in the post-pandemic period - after all, contributions from employers to the social insurance fund is unlikely to be increased", added the vice minister.

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