KAZAKHSTAN, Q1/2013: 41% increase for the insurance companies

4 July 2013 — Olesea ADONEV
kazakhstan2Between January-March 2013, the insurance companies in Kazakhstan underwrote premiums totalizing KZT 72.01 billion (EUR 363 million), 41.1% more compared to the same period in 2012. The paid claims reached KZT 13.2 billion (EUR 66 million), increasing by 7.6% compared to Q1/2012.

As far as mandatory insurance policies are concerned, the gross written premiums increased by 34.2%, up to KZT 10.4 billion (EUR 52 million), while on the voluntary insurance for persons, the underwritings reached KZT 33.2 billion or EUR 167 million (+61.3%), and the voluntary property insurance reached KZT 28.33 billion (EUR 142 million), 25% more compared to Q1/2012.

According to the official results, in Q1/2013, the premiums ceded in reinsurance totalized KZT 18.48 billion (EUR 93 million) or 25.6% of the total underwritings volume. Moreover, the premiums ceded in reinsurance to non-resident partners decreased to 21.3%, compared to 26.1% in Q1/2012, as a result of the new rating requirements for non-resident reinsurers, norms that entered into force in 2012.

According to these new norms, the company's own retention at the end of the fiscal year must not be under 40%, and the premiums ceded in reinsurance to non-resident partners must not exceed a 25% quota.

According to experts, the insurance market in Kazakhstan will maintain its growth trend in 2013, increasing by 10-15%. At the moment, insurance represents around 0.6% of the country's GDP.

In the analyzed period, 35 re/insurance companies were activating on the Kazakhstan insurance market, out of which 7 operate on the life insurance segment. At the same time, the brokerage market includes 13 insurance brokers and 87 actuaries.

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