KYRGYZSTAN: after 10 years of waiting, the law on MTPL will come into force on February 7, 2019

22 August 2018 — Marina MAGNAVAL
The law on MTPL, which hasn't been working since its adoption during 10 years, will finally come into force on February 7, 2019, according to the information agency Sputnik.

The press center of Sputnik agency in Kyrgyzstan arranged an official meeting dedicated to the advantages and disadvantages of the law on MTPL. A member of the Interdepartmental Working Commission on MTPL Emil BASTERIEV believes that the law has a lot of shortcomings, which may lead to massive dissatisfaction. He pointed out that the law does not provide for any methods of calculation of damage compensation in case of fatal accidents, heavy injuries and vehicle damages. Moreover insurance companies will accept medical statements issued only by state hospitals, which, according to BASTERIEV, is very inconvenient for injured persons in terms of choosing the right hospital. Besides, drivers will be imposed penalties for absence of insurance policies, but responsibility of insurance companies for any violations in this regard is not provided, and that, according to the expert, often leads to longtime delays of reimbursement or failure to pay any compensations at all.

The Head of the department for insurance policy development of the State Service for Financial Market Regulation and Supervision Adilet SYRGATAEV said that the regulatory authority plans to initiate amendment of the law on MTPL in order to eliminate some of discrepancies. However, based on his opinion, real effect of the new law can be estimated only as soon as its actual working period starts. "It is impossible to standardize all approaches to vehicle damage evaluation. This kind of method works for neighboring countries but raises a lot of questions. They evaluate damage using a directory, which contains prices of each part - and there are hundreds of thousands of items. Prices need to be constantly updated. This means a lot of work that has not yet proved its effectiveness. Therefore it is better to use independent adjusters. The law stimulates development of evaluation activities, and the country will get new certified independent adjusters", added SYRGATAEV. At that the representative of State Service for Financial Market Regulation and Supervision emphasized that the law was prepared based on the best international practices.

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