KYRGYZSTAN: development of agro insurance is planned on the basis of Turkish experience

27 September 2018 — Marina MAGNAVAL
Kyrgyzstan plans to develop agro insurance of crops and livestock based on the experience of Turkey, said information agency Kabar.

Recently, the authorities in Kyrgyzstan held a roundtable, "Agro insurance: problems and opportunities", in which the importance of agro insurance of crops and livestock was emphasized. Due to absence of insurance coverage many farmers were affected by natural disasters and because of lack or insufficient agro insurance the farmers have to bear all the risks.

According to a representative of the insurance company ATN Polis, Ernis ABYKEEV, only two insurers in Kyrgyzstan provide agro insurance coverage and for development of the segment, the local market should take into consideration the experience of other countries, in particular - Turkey.

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