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- Central Asia, a small portion west of the Ural (Zhayyq) River in eastern-most Europe.
- Neighbours: Russia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, China.

- continental, cold winters and hot summers, arid and semiarid.

Natural hazards:
- earthquakes in the south;
- mudslides around Almaty.

Macro indicators
* 2018 estimates
Pop. density*:6.8people/km2
GDP*:133.8EUR billion

Currency: Tenge
Code: KZT
Since: 1993

Exchange rates at December 31st:
1 EUR = 439.37 KZT (2018)
1 EUR = 398.23 KZT (2017)
1 EUR = 352.42 KZT (2016)
1 EUR = 371.31 KZT (2015)
1 EUR = 221.97 KZT (2014)
1 EUR = 211.17 KZT (2013)
1 EUR = 199.22 KZT (2012)
1 EUR = 191.72 KZT (2011)
1 EUR = 195.23 KZT (2010)




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Latest news

KAZAKHSTAN: the life sector grew by more than 74% y-o-y

The National Bank of Kazakhstan reports that as of May 1, 2019, market GWP increased by 19.9% y-o-y amounting to KZT 166.8 billion. Paid claims grew by 51.5% y-o-y, to KZT 37.9 billion, Allinsurance.kz reports.

KAZAKHSTAN: about 1 million e-policies sold for 1Q2019

According to preliminary data, from January to March 2019 about 1 million electronic policies were sold in the country, accounting for about 20% of the average annual sales volume, Allinsurance.kz reports.

KAZAKHSTAN: S&P: life insurance may increase 15-20% in 2019

"Life insurance in Kazakhstan may grow by 15-20% in 2019, while non-life may remain at the level of 2018, or even decrease in real terms," S&P believes, according to Ekaterina TOLSTOVA, deputy director of the international rating agency.

KAZAKHSTAN: agroinsurance goes from compulsory to voluntary

The agroinsurance system of Kazakhstan will undergo a radical change - transition from compulsory to voluntary, and from subsidized indemnities to subsidized premiums, Allinsurance.kz reports with a reference to the Ministry of Agriculture.