Kiril BOSHOV: EIG targets an aggregated GWP volume of EUR 1 billion in 2022

23 February 2022 — Daniela GHETU
"After the very challenging 2020, extremely impacted by the COVID pandemics, in 2021 the Group returned on a growth path. I would mention just one figure - we achieved more than EUR 700 million in gross written premiums, which is a nearly 50% growth compared to the pre-COVID year. This is a record growth since the establishment of the Euroins Insurance Group, almost 25 years ago," Kiril BOSHOV, CEO & Co-founder, Euroins Insurance Group stated in an interview for XPRIMM.

He explained that the positive trend was recorded across the entire geographical network of the group. The good results of 2021 have encouraged optimistic expectations also for 2022, when GWP are expected to exceed the EUR 1 billion threshold. In addition, the aim is improving technical ratios, as the combined ratio, the Solvency ratio, as well as reaching a better capitalization. "We will continue to focus to diversify our portfolio and offer better products, including in our old markets, like Bulgaria, for instance," said EIG's CEO.

BOSHOV also said that in 2022 and beyond, the Group will be much more focused on strengthening the operations on the current markets and becoming a more visible and prominent player in each of them, instead of relying on further acquisitions.

The full video interview with Kiril BOSHOV will be soon live on the XPRIMM YouTube Channel.

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