Kiril BOSHOV, EUROHOLD: We see a tendency of MTPL price increasing while commissions are dropping

20 April 2015 — Mihai CRACEA
In all the markets EUROHOLD operates in, there can be seen a tendency of MTPL prices going up, while the level of commissions paid to brokers and agents are going down, according to Kiril BOSHOV, Chairman of the Management Board, EUROHOLD.

Currently, EURHOLD is present in Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, Ukraine and Greece, while in the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia, the group operates based on the EU Freedom of Services Act.

"EUROINS tries to maintain affordability of the MTPL policies among the various

customer segments, however it is dependent on their particularities and history of claims. The segmentation is based on age, vehicle category, and other segmentation areas are in development", Kiril BOSHOV said. "In Romania, we have begun using the activity of legal entities as pricing criteria".

Detailed segmentation leads to high prices in certain categories, he pointed out.

"How can the MTPL Price for young drivers be affordable and risk-grounded, provided their claims frequency is much higher than the general average? What can a potential decrease lead to in other segments like truck drivers, high risk regions etc? There is an important role for technology to play in this field and it is an area we are investing in, although there are still many practical aspects that are unclear. Just as important are a strong underwriting team and powerful IT and analytical tools which can generate a sound pricing strategy", he concluded.

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