Kosovo - Serbia reach reciprocal "sticker agreement" for car plates

27 September 2016 —
An agreement signed on September 14 will eliminate the need for drivers of Kosovo-registered cars to purchase temporary "proba" plates when traveling in Serbia.

"After three years of the proba plates, I told our international partners, 'It's time for reciprocity'," Edita Tahiri, Kosovo Minister for Dialogue, said for PI.

Earlier this month, Tahiri and Marko Djuric, Serbia's Chief Negotiator for the Dialogue, agreed to use stickers to cover license plates of cars coming from Serbia to Kosovo and vice versa. This agreement on the new sticker regime aims to finalize the Brussels-mediated agreement on freedom of movement between the two states.

In 2011, EU-facilitated negotiations between Kosovo and Serbia opened talks meant to ensure the ability of Kosovo and Serbia residents to travel freely "within or through the territory of the other." An agreement in July of that year provided for a system of ID card and entry/exit documents. It did not address the cumbersome issue of mutual recognition of automobile insurance, which was not solved until 2015. Nor did it come up with a solution for the prickly issue of license plates. Read the full story Kosovo - Serbia reach reciprocal "sticker agreement" for car plates
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