LATVIA: LAA: INVL Life becomes a member of the Latvian Insurers' Association

6 July 2022 —
The Latvian branch of Mandatum Life Insurance Company Ltd. left LAA on July 1, 2022, because commercial activity of the Latvian branch of Mandatum Life was transferred to the Lithuanian insurance company INVL Life UADB, and its insurance contracts will be continued by the Latvian branch of INVL Life, according to the Latvian Insurers' Association (LAA).

From July 1, INVL Life started distributing life insurance in the Republic of Latvia and joined the Latvian Insurers' Association.

"We are glad that the new owner of this company considers membership in LAA as a matter of course from the first day of operation. It means that we are useful to our members and will continue to do so. We wish INVL success in the life insurance industry. We hope that this company's long-term experience in asset management, combined with experience in life insurance, will create valuable offers for clients", said LAA president Janis ABASINS.