LATVIA: The number of vehicles which advanced in MTPL Bonus classes increased, while the number of vehicles in Malus classes lessened

1 October 2020 — Cosmin CONCEATU
According to the data of the Latvian Motor Insurers' Bureau (LTAB), the recalculation of the annual insurance risk assessment of Bonus-Malus system (B/M) classes, which takes place every year on September 15, this year the BM class has increased for 348,226 vehicles, decreased for 197,540 vehicles and remained the same for 550,662 vehicles.

The highest B/M class (17th) is currently achieved by 147,118 car owners (+7,282 units compared to 2019). In total, there are 950,746 vehicles owners in the Bonus classes range (7th - 17th, Bonus). The lowest B/M class (1st, Malus) is for 138 car owners (-80 units compared to 2019), while the total number of vehicles in Malus classes (1st - 5th) is 21,073. Starting class (6th, Neutral) is currently suitable for 170,131 car owners.

B/M class is one of the main, but by no means the only determinant of Latvian MTPL prices. Insurers can use this information to calculate discounts or premiums for MTPL policies. B/M class is recalculated taking into account insurance history data for the last 11 years.

When calculating the B/M class, the number of insurance days or the period for which the vehicle is insured and the number of insured events or caused RTAs during the last 11 years are taken into account.

LTAB offers the possibility to each car owner to check their B/M class on the LTAB website or by downloading the LTAB MTPL mobile app.


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