LITHUANIA: Board of Aviva Lietuva approved for a new term

13 June 2019 —
The Board of Supervisors of the Bank of Lithuania approved the Board of Life Insurance and Pension Company Aviva Lietuva in June, according to the Company's official statement. 

The company's board will continue to be composed of the General Manager and Chairman of the Board, Asta GRABINSKE, Financial Director Rita NOGE, and Business Operations Director Rajmund ANDRUSKEVIC. The unchanged Board has been appointed for another four-year term.

GRABINSKE, Chairman of the Board, has been managing Aviva Lietuva for 16 years. NOGE has been working in the company since the beginning of activities in Lithuania in 2001 and joined the Board in 2011. ANDRUSKEVIC has also been with the company since the establishment. In 2017, he was appointed a Board Member and Business Systems and Operations Manager.

"The rapidly changing environment and our daily work are not challenging and unexpected. A strong team, customer focus and quick response to change have led us to the positions of life insurance and pension leaders. For the sixth consecutive year, we have been paying our customers more than other life insurance companies. We are constantly taking care of the aged Lithuanian population - since the beginning of our activities we have paid to almost 30 million pension fund clients," GRABINSKE said.

Aviva Lietuva has been nominated for TOP-10 mid-size European companies at the prestigious European Business Awards and has been a national champion twice in a row. The company belongs to one of the largest insurance groups in Europe: Aviva. Within the last 10 years, Aviva Lietuva has been a leader in the market for insurance benefits in cases of accident and disease (2009-2018). The company has paid clients a total of about EUR 27 million and ranks first among all life insurers in Lithuania.