LITHUANIA: In the first six months Lietuvos draudimas continues to remain the market leader

31 August 2022 —
Lietuvos draudimas ended the first half of 2022 with almost 29% share in the country's market portfolio. During the period, income of the company (together with the Estonian branch) reached EUR 158.8 million, which is 21.2% more y-o-y, wrote.

The company's GWP in Lithuania grew by 21.1%, at that time the Estonian branch collected 21.3% more y-o-y. The net value of incurred damages increased by 22.9% to EUR 86.3 million.

Net profit of Lietuvos draudimas, including the Estonian branch, reached EUR 9.8 million. "According to our share of the country's market, we continue to remain the undisputed leader. This year we provide insurance to 621 thousand people in Lithuania (customers), and this number, compared to previous years, continued to grow steadily. For many years, the country's residents have been considering us as the most favorable and reliable brand in the insurance sector - this is also shown by the latest survey conducted last December. Focusing on the needs of our customers, we continue to successfully improve the quality and availability of our services, which is confirmed by the NPS rate of "Voice of Customers" reaching 75.9% in the first half of the year", says Lietuvos draudimas CEO Kestutis SERPYTIS.

Lietuvos draudimas is the largest insurer, the leader of the insurance market in Lithuania and the largest insurance company in the Baltic States.