LITHUANIA: Lietuvos DRAUDIMAS: Scammers are illegally trying to profit from traffic accidents, the amount of illegally attempted payments exceeded EUR 1.7 million

19 October 2021 — Marina MAGNAVAL
Insurers are seeing an increase in fraudsters trying to illegally benefit from road accidents. According to Lietuvos DRAUDIMAS, the insurance market leader in Lithuania and the largest insurance company in the Baltic States, this year is already breaking records - from the beginning of the year to the mid-October, almost 900 fraud events have already been recorded, and the amount of illegally attempted payments exceeds EUR 1.7 million, said.

"...we see that this year there are a lot of fraud events - in 2020 we recorded about 750 such events throughout the year, and in 2021, before the end of the year, we already have 880 fraud cases" says Arturas JUODEIKIS, Head of Operations Department at Lietuvos Draudimas. Over EUR 1.7 million has already been illegally attempted for non-insured claims this year. "Last year, the amount of illegally attempted benefits reached almost EUR 1.5 million, so it is obvious that this year the losses are already and will be higher", comments Arturas JUODEIKIS.

According to the expert of Lietuvos Draudimas, the most common scheme is when an attempt is made to make a profit by increasing the loss based on false circumstances of the event. According to the insurer representative, drivers are increasingly affected by those who cause accidents intentionally. "Such fraudsters are well acquainted with the road rules and take advantage of the negligence of other road users or the peculiarities of traffic organization, like difficult roundabouts or the number of lanes", he explained.

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