LITHUANIA: The fire caused twice as much damage last year

17 January 2022 —
BTA insurance companies estimated that losses caused by fire last year are twice as high as in 2020. In total, over EUR 1 million was paid in 2021.

A survey conducted by Spinter Research revealed that up to 70% residents buy home insurance primarily because they are afraid of fire, reports according to the Lithuanian branch of AAS BTA Baltic Insurance Company.

The experts explain that the number of fires increases sharply with the start of heating season and falling temperatures. There is also a number of fires at the end of the heating season, when chimneys not cleaned regularly are already clogged. Andrius ZIUKELIS, Head of the BTA Expertise Department, reminds that to minimize the risk of fire, both chimneys and boilers must be properly installed and isolated.

According to ZIUKELIS, home insurance prices range from tens to several hundred euros. Meanwhile, in the event of a major fire, compensation may reach tens of thousands of euros.