LITHUANIAN market totaled more than half a billion euro in 2013

27 February 2014 — Vlad BOLDIJAR
lithuania-statisticsLithuanian insurance market increased to EUR 563 million (LTL 1.95 billion) in 2013 from the previous year, as reported by the Bank of Lithuania. Non-life insurance accounted for 68% of all market, increasing by 8.7% to EUR 382 million (LTL 1.32 billion). The number of policyholders increased by 4% to around 5.25 million, due to the 4% increase in the non-life insurance segment to around 5.2 million.

At the same time, the value of paid claims totaled EUR 312 million or LTL 1.08 billion, 69% of which related to the non-life insurance segment and 31% to life insurance. It is important to mention that, on the motor insurance segment, the value of paid claims represents more than 60% of the value of GWP, while on the credit business line the value of indemnities exceeds more than four times the value of gross written premiums.

Access and download the FY2013 Lithuanian insurance market statistics.

Market portfolio (in EUR and LTL):
  • Gross written premiums
  • Paid claims
  • Growth rates
Market rankings (GWP/Claims/Market shares/Growth rates - in EUR and LTL):
  • Life insurance ranking
  • Non-life insurance ranking

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