Latest trends and challenges in the property and motor insurance lines under scrutiny, in Vienna

21 February 2019 — Daniela GHETU
Property and motor insurance lines are providing for about 75% of the non-life insurance business in the CEE region, but are responsible for over 77% of the claims expenses. As such, although other classes of risks are emerging, for the time being and most probably for a rather long period ahead, property and motor insurance lines will continue to be at the heart of CEE's insurance market architecture.

Motor insurance remains not only one of the insurers' main business lines, but also one of the main interaction points with mass consumers, especially in the less mature markets. New technologies may provide significant means of gaining competitive advantage and retain the customers.

On the other hand, climate risks have always produced high impact events that are remembered as reference points. In the recent years their catastrophic nature became increasingly threatening for the communities' resilience. By comparison, cyber risks are just emerging, but are already demonstrating a potentially catastrophic impact which still needs to be better understood and assessed.

The Motor Insurance Conference and the Property Insurance Forum, two of XPRIMM's well know specialized events, taking place under the International Insurance Forum brand, will be hosted, once again, by the capital city of Austria. Taking place on 8 April and 9 April, respectively, the two events will bring into debate the most important issues and challenges faced by motor and property insurers in Europe, as well as all over the world.

To benefit from the expertise of the exquisite Panel of Speakers aligned by both events, SAVE THE DATE and register online at:

8 April 2019, Hotel Bristol Vienna

9 April 2019, Hotel Bristol Vienna

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