Leslie J. BREER is the newly approved CEO of GOTHAER Romania

4 July 2019 — Daniela GHETU
The Financial Supervisory Authority announced it has approved Leslie J. BREER's appointments as CEO of GOTHAER's Romanian unit. Together with Cosmin ANGHELUTA (Deputy CEO / Sales Chief Executive) - he will implement the company`s 3 yrs mid-term strategic plan, already approved by its Board of Directors in March 2019.

The main objective is to enhance the company's overall performance, while maintaining the same high rate of service quality. The executive management team already analyzed and redesigned the company`s desired portfolio for a more sustainable business model in the coming years, by means of applying carefully underwriting principles for specific lines of businesses combined with operational efficiency in every aspect of GOTHAER's activity.

"With a total capital increase in amount of 9.550.000 Euro in 2018, the shareholders strengthened the company's Solvency ratio by 129% at the end of the year in order to support the local executive management team to turn GOTHAER Romania into a more sustainable and performant company in the future", declared Dr. Christopher LOHMANN, CEO Gothaer Allgemeine AG and Chairman of the Board of Directors of GOTHAER Asigurari Reasigurari.

Client centricity and the strategic partnerships with its commercial partners (this being considered the main distribution channel also in the coming period) remain the core basis the company will continue to build on.

"We want GOTHAER Romania to develop in a responsible and sustainable way, while staying focused on best servicing our clients and partners along the way. We have a sound name on the Romanian insurance market by paying claims fair and on time and offering tailor-made products and services and we intend to keep things this way", Leslie J. BREER added.