Life insurers can filter insights from medical notes in lengthy, consumer-authorized, EHRs

13 May 2021 — Alexandra GUZUN
SCOR supports Verisk with a new life solution: EHR Triage Engine Plus, which leverages natural language processing and artificial intelligence to distill critical insights from medical notes in lengthy, consumer-authorized, electronic health records (EHRs).

Verisk is a company with more than 100 offices in nearly 35 countries and provides predictive analytics and decision-support solutions to customers in the insurance, energy and specialized markets, and financial services industries.

With extensive feedback from SCOR, Verisk has come with an automated solution in order to obtain life insurance quicker and easier. The EHR Triage Engine Plus is the latest version of the groundbreaking EHR Triage Engine, which was launched last year. Both solutions quickly analyze information-rich, electronic health records that can be thousands of pages long and deliver an easy-to-read, one- to two-page summary of key risk elements along with a recommended underwriting classification.

J.C. Brueckner, CEO of SCOR Global Life Americas declared: "The value of Electronic Health Records has long been difficult to obtain, because of the challenge in normalizing and processing critical data presented in a wide range of formats. Verisk's new solution is another competitive advantage that helps us enable carriers to use this information to make faster, informed underwriting decisions without sacrificing accuracy. That means better business outcomes and a superior customer experience."

"Life insurance underwriters can spend a huge amount of time sifting through electronic health records. And many key risk elements needed for underwriting, such as cancer stage, can only be found within an EHR's medical notes. Our new solution brings automation and advanced analytics to this difficult and time-consuming process, helping insurers accelerate accurate underwriting and the buying experience for consumers," said Maroun Mourad, President of global underwriting at Verisk.

The EHR Triage Engine Plus can be delivered via a stand-alone API, or integrated into technology from FAST, which is Verisk business and leading provider of end-to-end software for the life and annuity markets. FAST platform will also be used to integrate the new solutions in order to transform current workflows in life insurance underwriting, life and pension analytics, claim insights, compliance and fraud detection, and actuarial and portfolio modeling.

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