MOLDOVA: Almost 40% of road accidents are settled through a settlement agreement

7 February 2024 — Marina MAGNAVAL
Almost 40% of approximately 12,000 traffic accidents related to mandatory motor liability insurance that occurred on the territory of the Republic of Moldova in eight months of 2023 were settled through a settlement agreement, writes.

According to information published by the National Commission for the Financial Market, the total amount of MTPL paid claims reached MDL 219 million (~EUR 11.32 million), of which MDL 33 million represent damages paid because of road accidents settled through a settlement agreement.

It is noted that from the launch of the procedure of amicable settlement of road accidents (September 2019) until September 2023, drivers filed almost 30 thousand claims based on a settlement agreement, of which 25.6 thousand were settled.

* MDL 19.34/EUR - 01.09.2023