MOLDOVA: The National Bureau of Motor Insurers (BNAA) is a full member of the Green Card system

8 October 2020 — Marina MAGNAVAL
National Bureau of Motor Insurers (BNAA) of the Republic of Moldova received the status of a full member in the Green Card system. Also, based on this decision, Alina OSOIANU, CEO of BNAA, was appointed as co-Chair of the Committee on internal settlement of the Bureau Council in Brussels.

The Council of Bureaux of Green Card (Brussels) had been monitoring the insurance market in Moldova for two decades and on September 24 the General Assembly of the Council decided not to renew the monitoring status of the National Bureau of Motor Insurers (BNAA) of the Republic of Moldova, according to the National Commission of the Financial Market and the National Bureau of motor insurers.

The General Assembly, governing body of the Green Card international insurance system, noted the joint efforts of the regulator and market professional participants under remedial measures. However, the assembly also stressed the importance of insurers complying with prudential requirements to ensure financial security of companies and interests of policyholders.

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