MOLDOVA: at the end of 3Q2023, liquid assets exceeded 57% of all assets of the insurance sector

16 January 2024 — Marina MAGNAVAL
According to the National Bank of Moldova, at the end of the 3Q2023, total assets of insurance companies amounted to MDL 4.78 billion (~EUR 0.25 billion), which is 3.7% (MDL 170.5 million) more compared to the previous quarter, writes.

It is noted that the value of liquid assets amounted to MDL 2.75 billion, which represents an increase of 7.8% compared to June 30, and is equal to 57.56% of the total assets registered in the insurance sector. Thus, insurance companies had liquid assets covering 99.27% of the total volume of technical reserves on the market (MDL 2.77 billion).

As of September 30, there were 9 insurance companies operating in the Republic of Moldova: including 8 non-life companies and 1 company with complex activities (life and non-life insurance), the source reports.

* MDL 19.1338/EUR - 30.09.2023