MOLDOVA: starting September the cost of MTPL policies increased

7 September 2022 —
In Moldova, the cost of MTPL policies has increased. The decision was taken by the National Commission for Financial Markets (CNPF) on August 9 and entered into force on September 2, from the moment of publication in Monitorul Oficial.

The cost of the policy increased by about 36% and amounted to MDL 1350 (EUR 69.73). CNPF representatives explained that the increase in the cost was dictated by the fact that insurers cannot cover their expenses.

From July 1, 2019, insurance companies themselves set the price for MTPL and Green Card policies. At the same time, at least once a year, based on statistical data, the CNPF calculates and approves the base premium - a "benchmark" for motor third party liability policies.

*EUR 1 = MDL 19.36 (02.09.2022)