MOLDOVA: total assets of the insurance sector increase by more than 20% over 9 months

21 December 2022 — Marina MAGNAVAL
Total assets of the insurance companies of the Republic of Moldova for the first 9M2022 exceeded MDL 4.3 billion (~EUR 0.22 billion), which is 20.5% higher y-o-y, writes.

Assets, covering technical reserves, and the minimum solvency margin account for 80% (about MDL 3.5 billion) of total assets, an increase of 21.5% compared to the nine-month period of 2021.

Profit of insurance companies before tax increased in January-September of 2022 to MDL 195.7 million, which represents a y-o-y increase of 58.1%, as the CNPF (National Commission for Financial Markets) noted.

* MDL 18.9917 = EUR 1 (30.09.2022)

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