MTPL prices in Croatia dropped by 25% after tariff liberalization

20 April 2015 — Mihai CRACEA
As a consequence of joining the EU in 2013, MTPL tariffs on the Croatian market were liberalized and average premiums fell by 25% in a single year, from 200 euro, to 150 euro, according to Slaven DOBRIC, the COO of ALLIANZ Croatia.

"Competition has suddenly increased and there is currently almost no control over the tariffs from the regulator. Only post factum control is possible", he explained.

Before the liberalization, in Croatia there was one of the highest average MTPL price in the region.

Croatia is currently home to one of the highest number of insurance companies per inhabitant, as it has a population of 4.3 million and 26 active insurers on the market. Out of the total, 14 sell motor insurance.

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