North Macedonia


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author: OCHA/ ReliefWeb

- Southeastern Europe;
- Neighbours: Greece, Albania, Kosovo, Serbia, Bulgaria.

- warm, dry summers and autumns;
- relatively cold winters with heavy snowfall.

Natural hazards:
- high seismic risks.

Macro indicators 
* 2018 estimates
Pop. density*:80.9people/km2
GDP*:10.7EUR billion

European Union:
Official candidate

Currency: Denar
Code: MKD
Since: 1993

Exchange rates at December 31st:
1 EUR = 61.4950 MKD (2018)
1 EUR = 61.4907 MKD (2017)
1 EUR = 61.4812 MKD (2016)
1 EUR = 61.5947 MKD (2015)
1 EUR = 61.4814 MKD (2014)
1 EUR = 61.5113 MKD (2013)
1 EUR = 61.5000 MKD (2012)
1 EUR = 61.5050 MKD (2011)
1 EUR = 61.5050 MKD (2010)




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Latest news

HALKBANK wants to further expand activity in Balkans

Turkey-based Halkbank announced the acquisition of Macedonian Nova Insurance, and now shows interest in investing in Moldova, too. Halkbank is already active in North Macedonia and Serbia, making Moldova the third country in the region Halkbank wants to develop.

Insurer Osiguruvanje Makedonija triples Q1 non-cons net profit

Insurer Osiguruvanje Makedonija, a subsidiary of the Vienna Insurance Group (VIG), said on Wednesday that its non-consolidated net profit rose to 32.6 million denars (530,600 euro) in the first quarter of the year from 11.2 million denars in the prior-year period.

SAVA Re entered the Macedonian pension market

Slovenian SAVA Re announced it got the approval from the Macedonian Agency for Supervision of Fully Funded Pension Insurance (MAPAS) and the required approvals from other competition authorities for the acquisition of NLB Nov penziski fond AD Skopje.