Market players welcomed the amendment of the regulations on professional training

21 May 2012 — Mihai CRACEA
octavian_tatomrescu_fiar2012On a continually changing insurance market where the participants must constantly adjust to the challenges posed by the economic environment and comprising over 100,000 people, both companies and customers believe that relevant professional training has become a must.

"The developments taking place in education present us with two important aspects. Education makes people aware of the risks they live with on a daily basis. Our role is to realize we are the drivers of change in market education. Everything that ISC has done in terms of requiring a certain level of training and making professional training mandatory is a positive approach, meant to bring discipline to the relevant market", outlined Octavian TATOMIRESCU, General Manager, CAMPION Broker.

apostol_fiar2012"I welcome the willingness of the supervisory authority to read through all past regulations and amend them. If last year's amendments in the field of professional training have brought difficulties and non-competitiveness issues among market payers, the recent amendments proved to be useful this time", outlined Alexandru APOSTOL, General Manager, MAXYGO Broker.

In the meeting held on Tuesday, April 24th, the Insurance Supervisory Commission Board approved the amendments proposed for the Rules on professional and ongoing training of insurance brokers and for the Rules on the activity of training program providers and on insurance trainers' certification.

The ISC discussed and reviewed the amendments proposed for the two normative acts with the professional associations of the market - UNSAR and UNSICAR - thus clarifying several aspects, such as the issue of the number of hours dedicated to qualification and ongoing professional training, the clear provision of the "unitary" concept in professional training, namely getting one qualification for both life and non-life insurance products intermediation.

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