Meet the Russian insurance market, live, on the XPRIMM YouTube channel!

5 November 2020 — XPRIMM
The forthcoming international edition of the XPRIMM Time for Business show will focus on the Russian insurance market and its evolution under the specific uncertain situation created by the pandemic, as well as on its future perspectives.

Guests in the XPRIMM virtual studio will be:
  • Alexey BREDIKHIN, Director, Financial Institutions Ratings Group, ACRA
  • Arseniy POYARKOV, President of the Analytical Agency BusinessDrom
  • Ekaterina TOLSTOVA, Deputy Director, S&P Global for Russian Federation
  • Anastasia LITVINOVA, Director of the Analytical Group for the Insurance Sector, Fitch Ratings
  • Vladislav CHEZGANOV, Head of the Development Department, Sberbank Insurance

What are the business lines that were most impacted by the Covid crisis, but also what are the emerging risks that could fuel growth on new or underdeveloped insurance products? How did customers' purchasing behavior and expectations evolved? Did the insurance industry managed to maintain a good image in the eyes of its customers? These are only a few of the questions the will try to answer to.

Meet us on 11 November, 16.00 hours EEST (17.00 hours Moscow time), on the XPRIMM YouTube channel, and get the pulse of one the largest insurance markets!

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