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- Eastern Europe.
- Neighbours: Romania, Ukraine.

- moderate winters, warm summers.

Natural hazards:
- landslides.

Macro indicators
* 2018 estimates
Pop. density*:104.6people/km2
GDP*:9.8EUR billion

Currency: Leu
Code: MDL
Since: 1993

Insurance market portfolio
* 2018 estimates
Overall Property*:8%
Overall Motor*:67%




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Moldova 1H2020 Market Portfolio

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Latest news

MOLDOVA: EUR 13 million for the brokers at the end of September, 2011

MDL 212 million (EUR 13 million) was the volume of gross written premiums of insurance brokers in Moldova at the end of September 2011, show the financial indicators recently published by the Supervisory Authority. Compared to the correspondent period of 2010, in EUR, the growth was over 40%, and in MDL the real evolution (adjusted at the 8.8% inflation rate) was 30%.

MOLDOVA: 13 of 24 insurers "in red" by the end of September 2011

The 3Q2011 results of the Moldavian insurance market showed an y-o-y drop in the agregate insurers' profitability of 43%, to MDL 47.2 million (EUR 2.9 million). A total of 13 insurance companies, out of the 24 players - 5 more than in 3Q2010 -, have reported losses, their total value amounting MDL 20.6 million (EUR 1.2 million). The greatest losses were registered by DONARIS-GROUP (MDL 9 million) and IDEEA ASIGURARI (MDL 2.7 million).

Over 9% increase for Moldavian insurance market in 3Q2011

Moldavian insurers wrote MDL 745.76 million (EUR 45.21 million) in premiums in the first ninth months of 2011, a 9% increase compared to the same period of last year. At the same time, claims reached MDL 251.70 million (EUR 15.26 million), 13% more than 2010, according to statistics from the National Commission of Financial Market.

MOLDOVA: 2012 health insurance policy likely to get by 210 lei more expensive

The percentage of deductions from salaries in premiums for the mandatory health insurance policy in 2012 will remain unchanged at 7%, split equally between the employer and the employee; however for the unemployed the price of the policy will increase by 210 lei to 2,982 lei, Info-Prim Neo reports.

XPRIMM Group launch INSURANCE Profile - Republic of Moldova 1H 2011

XPRIMM Group launch the third special issue of INSURANCE Profile, dedicated to the Moldavian insurance market, this time the period January-June 2011 being analyzed. This is the sixth special issue that INSURANCE Profile, the well-known Specialty Review that publishes quarterly the results of the Romanian insurance market, launches, offering its readers up-to-date financial information regarding other insurance markets than the Romanian one.

MOLDOVA: Mihai MAZARENCO is the new President of GARANTIE Asigurari

Mihai MAZARENCO was appointed as President of the company GARANTIE Asigurari, starting November 1st, 2011, by the decision of the company's majority shareholder, ASCOM Group. All documentation related to that decision was already submitted to the National Commission of Financial Market for approval.

MOLDASIG in Top 50 CIS insurers

The leader of the insurance market in the Republic of Moldova was, after the first six months of the year, on the 30th position in the hierarchy of CIS insurance companies, by the underwritings criterion, shows XPRIMM INSURANCE REPORT 1H 2011. The second company, by size, from Moldova, ASITO, has occupied the 51st position in the same ranking, while GRAWE CARAT Asigurari was ranked 65th. The presented ranking does not include insurers from Russia, Ukraine, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan.

ISC gives green light for the taking over of ASITO Kapital by MOLDASIG

The company MOLDASIG received the approval of the Insurance Supervisory Commission (ISC) for the acquisition of 99.9% of the shares of ASITO Kapital in Romania, according to the Moldavian insurer's officials. The decision comes after four months ago, the supervisory authority in Moldova - National Commission of Financial Markets - had also approved this transaction, the documents having been sent to ISC.

Moldova's brokerage market reached EUR 8.4 million

EUR 8.4 million (MDL 139.5 million) totaled the brokerage market in Moldova after the first six months of 2011, according to financial data released by the National Commission of Financial Market. Compared with the previous year, when Moldavian brokers registered business of EUR 5.3 million (MDL 89.5 million), the value of mediated premiums increased by over 57%. Also, during January-June this year, brokers have mediated about 30% of gross premiums written by insurers, a degree of mediation by about 10 percentage points higher than in the same period of last year.

MOLDOVA: Negative dynamic for the market profitability

Gross profit in the first half of this year for the players in the insurance market was MDL 41.5 million (EUR 2.5 million), which represents, compared to 1H/2010, an evolution in absolute value of about EUR 1.9 million (editor's note: in 1H/2010, gross profit was MDL 73.2 million, the equivalent of EUR 4.4 million). Also, losses accounted by insurers amounted to MDL 20.9 million (EUR 1.3 million).

Insurance market in Moldova has reached EUR 28 million

Insurance market in Moldova registered in the first six months of the current year about EUR 28.07 million (MDL 466.21 million), a nominal increase in European currency of 7.32% compared to January-June 2010. In national currency, the nominal evolution of the insurance industry in Moldova was lower, of 6.24%, due to appreciation of MDL against EUR.

Moldova: The market remained in the black in Q1/2011

In the first three months of 2011 one citizen of the Republic of Moldova spent EUR 3.6 for insurance products, EUR 0.5 more than the insurance density calculated for Q1/2010. On insurance classes in the Republic of Moldova during January - March 2011, about 30 eurocents have been spent on life insurance and EUR 3.3 for household insurance per citizen.

Moldova: How do the leaders of the main insurers anticipate the profile market will evolve in the following years?

The insurance market in the Republic of Moldova has known constant positive dynamics for the last few years, in both quantity and quality, under the circumstances of the elaborated program of reform of the industry, launched by the supervisory authority in Chisinau after the year 2007. Also, NCFM conducted feasibility studies for implementation of mandatory insurance in agriculture and on the household segment and analyzed the opportunities to include some private insurance companies in the health system circuit. All these realities create the premises of a strong market, with a developed infrastructure, from the point of view of both companies' territorial networks and their insurance products, raising awareness throughout the Republic of Moldova about the concept of "insurance".

Republic of Moldova: Brokers mediated 28% out of the total premiums

The 65 brokerage companies active on the market in the Republic of Moldova mediated MLD 58.38 million - EUR 3.54 million, in the first three months of the current year. The figure represents, according to the data published by the supervisory authorities in Chisinau, 27.53% of the total insurance market. Altogether, in comparison with the period January - March of 2010, the volume of premium mediated by brokers grew, nominal in the European currency, by 36.7%.

14% decrease for Moldovian insurers in 1Q/2010, in European currency

Insurance companies in Moldova underwrote in the first quarter gross premiums worth EUR 11 million, down by around 14% compared with same period last year (up 7.7% in national currency), according to data submitted by the National Commission of Financial Market (CNPF). Thus, the general insurance segment cumulated underwritings worth EUR 10.3 million, or a share of 93.4%, while life insurance reached EUR 0.7 million.

Development trends on the Moldovan insurance market

"The insurance market in Moldova is now at an early stage, the total underwriting volume amounting to EUR 50 million for 2009, about 1.4% of the GDP ", stated Veaceslav IONITA, representative of the Commission for Budgetary and Finance Affaires of the Parliament, Republic of Moldova.

Moldova: 6% decrease for the insurance market in 3Q/2009

Insurance companies from the Republic of Moldova underwrote, in the first nine months of this year, MDL 595,5 million (EUR 39,9 million) of gross premiums, down by 6% compared to the same period of last year. On the other hand, insurance claims raised by 43,3%, to MDL 270,9 million (EUR 18,1 million), according to National Commission of Financial Markets (NCFM).

Moldova: 11% decrease for the insurance market in H1/2009

Insurance companies from Republic of Moldova underwrote in the first half of this year MDL 379.75 million (EUR 26 million) of gross premiums, down by 11% compared to the same period of last year, according to National Commission of Financial Markets (NCFM). Non-life segment has a 93.6% market share, with MDL 355.4 million (EUR 24.4 million), while the life segment recorded MDL 24.2 million (EUR 1.6 million).

25% growth for the insurance in the Republic of Moldova, in 2008

Insurance companies in the Republic of Moldova have registered gross written premiums amounting to EUR 54.4 million in 2008 (calculated at the average exchange rate, according to the Moldavian National Bank), in nominal increase of 24.8% compared to 2007. Meanwhile, they paid claims of EUR 17.6 million, with 24.2% more compared to 2007. Gross profit of insurers represented EUR 11.7 million, an 150% increase, according to data provided by the National Commission of the Financial Market.