Motor Insurance Conference Vienna 2023: Sandra SCHWARZ, President of the Council of Bureaux confirmed Keynote Speaker

2 February 2023 — Daniela GHETU
Sandra SCHWARZ, President of the Council of Bureaux and Head of German Green Card Bureau will give a Keynote Speech at the 2023 edition of the Motor Insurance Conference organized in Vienna, under the titles of "Reshaping motor insurance business".

Part of the IIF (International Insurance Forum) series of events organized by XPRIMM in Vienna since 2017, the conference will be hosted by the Bristol Hotel, on 5 April.

Mrs. SCHWARZ will speak of the latest evolutions in the Green Card environment, its current status, as well as its plans and projects for the future.

Although for decades motor insurance made a rather conservative market segment, marked by a permanent struggle to improve profitability, the last decade saw an accelerated transition towards a completely different approach, driven by technology and changing consumers mobility preferences. Moreover, the proliferation of electric cars on a large scale is potentially changing the rules of the game in underwriting.

As such, while motor insurance has reached a point of significant transformation, while still needs to also accommodate a wide "traditional" segment of the market.

IIF 2023 - MOTOR INSURANCE Conference - "Reshaping motor insurance business" speakers will share their views on how the industry can embrace the change and keep the pace with the fast-evolving new trends.

Stay tuned to receive more information about the conference content and speakers.

Registrations are already opened on the conference website. Discounted rates are available before 1 March.