Mutual recognition of Green Cards certificates issued by the EEA Bureaux and the Russian and Belarusian ones to expire in less than 1 year

16 June 2022 — Daniela GHETU
The Polish Motor Insurers Bureau (PBUK) terminated the bilateral agreements connecting them with the Belarusian Bureau and the Russian Bureau. The denunciation entered into force on 1 June 2022, the bureau announced on its website the same day.

The PBUK's action is part of a larger wave of similar ones, started on 20 May, when the Council of National Bureaux (" CoB ") received the formal decision of 12 National Bureaus of the European Economic Area (EEA) to cancel agreements with Russia and Belarus. The treaties and internal operating procedures between National Bureaux indicate that if at least 1/3 of the EEA Bureaux decide to cancel their agreements with a non-EEA third country, the rest of the EEA Bureaux are automatically obliged to do so as well. Therefore, as the required third is exceeded, all the National Offices of the European Economic Area are going to cancel agreements with the National Offices of Russia and Belarus.

The Bureaux of the three Baltic states have already published public announcements on their decision, as well as the Polish and Slovenian ones, and probably other will follow. Switzerland has also adhered to this collective decision.

Pursuant to the agreements in force so far, obligations regarding the mutual recognition of Green Cards certificates issued by both EEA Bureaux and the Belarusian and Russian ones will expire on May 31, 2023 at 23:59 CET, when the twelve-month notice period expires.

From June 1, 2023, it will not be possible to access Russia or Belarus with an International Certificate of Insurance (CIS or "Green Card"). The Council of Bureaux cancels agreements with Russia and Belarus from this date. It will be necessary to acquire a Border Insurance to circulate duly insured in Russia and Belarus. Likewise, the CIS issued in Russia or Belarus will not be valid to circulate in the EEA.

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