NORTH MACEDONIA: in 2022 ISA resolved 48% more complaints in favor of insureds

28 February 2023 —
Total number of complaints filed by dissatisfied insureds last year reached 267, which is 30% more y-o-y. This indicates that citizens increasingly recognize the Insurance Supervision Agency (ISA) as a protector of their insurance rights, the ISA said.

The largest number of complaints filed against one insurance company is 43. Of these, the ISA resolved 22 complaints in favor of the insureds.

The ISA resolved 62 complaints in favor of policyholders who complained about quality of services they received from insurance companies last year. The number of complaints resolved in favor of the insureds last year was 48% higher than in 2021.

The largest number of all positively resolved petitions (21) were related to protection of insurance rights covered by the European Report. Due to the massiveness of mandatory motor liability insurance, 94 complaints from dissatisfied policyholders were filed last year about this insurance. Of these, 60 complaints were about damages that were covered by a European report. 24 policyholders complained about damages covered by a police report from a traffic accident, and that is almost half of the number of police report complaints received in 2021. Out of the 24 complaints submitted, the ISA resolved 10 in favor of the insureds.

The biggest increase in the number of complaints last year was for damages covered by property insurance. A total of 57 complaints were submitted, which is 1.7 times more than in 2021. This growth was mainly due to damages caused by the earthquake in Bitola at the beginning of 2022.

In the case of the fastest-growing class - additional or private health insurance, which means over 100,000 policies, only 21 complaints were submitted last year. Of these, the ISA resolved 5 petitions in favor of the insureds.