NORTH MACEDONIA: paid claims in private health insurance in 1H increased by 87.5% reaching EUR 1.5 million

20 September 2021 — Marina MAGNAVAL
In 1H2021, the number of contracts in private health insurance increased by 48%, GWP reached EUR 3.8 million. Insurance companies of North Macedonia for the first half of 2021 for reported insurance events paid 87.5% more y-o-y, Insurance Supervision Agency (ISA) reports.

Total amount of paid claims in private health insurance for the first six months reached MKD 92.6 million (EUR 1.5 million). At the same time, GWP in the segment increased by 38%, reaching MKD 232.5 million (EUR 3.8 million), according to official data from ISA.

The data on paid claims and number of policies confirm that private health insurance, in the context of the pandemic, is becoming very popular and widely accepted by policyholders (citizens and legal entities). At the same time, insurers' investments in private health insurance are increasing in order to provide better health care.

In 1H insurance companies, selling private health insurance policies, settled 9,144 claims, which is 68% more y-o-y (vs 5,432 claims in 1H2020). In the first half of 2021, 9,870 private health insurance policies were sold, which is 46% more y-o-y.

The level of claims paid for private health insurance reached 5% of the segment's total GWP amount in 1H2021. For this period, the share of paid claims increased by 67% y-o-y. The highest individual paid amount covered by private health insurance was MKD 610,000 (EUR 10,000).

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