New digital health services developed for the German insurance industry

9 November 2017 — Adina TUDOR
Mobile health platform WELLMO has announced it will help SANVARTIS - German data services and technology company - develop a new range of data-driven digital health services.

WELLMO aims to replicate its success in the Nordics and Benelux region by helping German insurers create digital health offerings for their members.

A spin-off from Nokia's health division, WELLMO'S white label platform and partner network help insurers develop branded digital products and services that positively motivate users to stay healthy. WELLMO lets insurers utilize the best content and service partners to complement in-house resources, and helps integrate all necessary service features into one application.

Jaakko OLKKONEN, CEO, WELLMO, believes SANVARTIS' market position and healthcare expertise makes it a perfect addition to WELLMO'S growing portfolio of European service partners.

"It is my pleasure to announce our partnership with SANVARTIS. SANVARTIS is known in Germany for their strength in telehealth, and we are excited to help a leading local health expert develop new digital health services for its customers and their members," said Jaakko OLKKONEN.

"We need to offer digital solutions to our customers so insurers can serve their members in the most convenient way. We chose Wellmo's team of experts and proven platform to extend our service to digital and mobile. This way we have access to the best technology and can focus our own efforts on the content and services, our real area of expertise", Manuel EBNER, CEO of SANVARTIS, added.

WELLMO was founded in 2012 with the aim of bringing health insurers closer to their customers through new scalable technologies. The company's portfolio of clients includes the second largest Finnish insurer, LocalTapiola, as well as Dutch insurer a.s.r. and Poland's MEDICOVER.

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