Number of accidents in ESTONIA's most dangrous roundabout down by 40%

6 December 2013 —
While generally traffic re-organisations made by City of Tallinn such as designating special bus lanes have caused motorists much grief, it seems that there is one exception - the notorious Haabersti roundabout in Õismae which is known as Estonia's most dangerous intersection, writes Postimees.

According to the Estonian traffic insurance fund ELF, the number of traffic accidents in the roundabout has fallen by 40% since September, after the City installed separations that blocked entry to the roundabout from the Haabersti street.

Since statistics showed that 40% of the accidents took place with cars that were either leaving or entering Haabersti street, it was clear where the main problem was.

According to Erik Ernits, head of ELF, this is a big improvement since compulsory traffic insurance indemnities caused by traffic accidents in the Haabersti roundabout reached 200,000 euros a year, and including casco insurance were probably twice that.

Ernits said that ELF had forecast that the new traffic system should number of reduce traffic accidents by about 20%."It seems that we were too pessimistic," he said.

Ernits says that although the impact is measured during a relatively brief period, 66 days, it is clear that the decisions to install separations between lanes has been the right one.

One of the parties that suffered from the new traffic organisation is the Statoil petrol station that is claiming damages from the City for partial loss of business.

Although insurers are happy that traffic accidents in one of the most dangerous roundabouts in Estonia have been reducing, the changes have not managed to ease major traffic jams that build up at peak hours.

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Number of accidents in ESTONIA's most dangrous roundabout down by 40%