Over 350,000 accidents registered in Green Card system in 2012

The number of cross-border accidents recorded in the Green Card system in 2012 exceeded 350,000 cases, according to the latest statistics presented by Cees WERFF, Senior Executive Vice-President, InterEurope AG during the International Insurance Forum 2014. Various factors have contributed to a decrease of the number of road traffic accidents: the reduction of traffic as a result of the financial crisis, the implementation of certain road safety measures and the development of technology embedded in vehicles.

"There is no rule for an effective management of the cross-border accidents. It depends on the local regulatory environment. Each nation encounters different situations and therefore requires different approaches. At the same time, each country follows its own evolution and each one feels the need for cooperation," Cees WERFF said.

The 2012 hierarchy of the countries with the most accidents involving cars registered in other states includes:

1. Germany (54,623)
2. France (53,914)
3. Italy (41,188)
4. Austria (29,055)
5. United Kingdom (24,875)

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