POLAND 1H2013: life insurance to blame for the second worst performance in the last five years in terms of GWP

31 October 2013 — Daniela GHETU
poland-statisticsPolish insurers ended the first half of 2013 with a GWP worth PLN 29.94 billion, almost 10% down y-o-y, a result which, translated into the European currency, looks even worse (EUR 6.9 billion, 11.3% decrease y-o-y). This is the second worst market performance in the last five years, after the 13% fall recorded in 2009. Just as in 2009, the trendsetter was the life insurance segment that recorded an almost 20% decrease in GWP.

GWP for life insurance amounted to about PLN 16 billion (18.2% less y-o-y) or EUR 3.7 billion (19.5% down y-o-y), the most impressive decrease being recorded for the short-term life insurance policies, i.e. products combing the features of a life insurance policy and a bank deposit. In the other product groups, the total sum of collected premiums changed insignificantly. As far as the claims for life insurance are concerned, the growth of about 20% of the claims paid for unit-linked contracts is the single noteworthy change. All in all, claims paid for life insurance amounted to PLN 12.9 billion. However, despite the major negative change in GWP, the Polish life insurance ended 1H2013 with a positive financial result of PLN 1.4 billion (net profit).

Non-life insurance lines recorded an overall positive evolution, although at a modest pace, with GWP amounting to PLN 13.9 billion (2.14% up y-o-y). In fact, the visible slow down in the non-life market evolution was caused by the negative trend recorded on its main segment, the motor insurance. Both business lines in this category recorded a negative change in GWP, to PLN 2.7 billion, for the Motor Hull class (7% down y-o-y) and PLN 4.28 billion (5% down y-o-y) for the MTPL class. The technical result on comprehensive insurance was PLN 210 million after 1H2013, 36% less y-o-y, while on third party liability insurance was PLN 81.8 million, compared with PLN 6.9 million a year ago.

xprimm_insurance_report_1h2013Property insurance is the probably the Polish market segment with the best result, as underwritings on this segment recorded an overall 13.8% y-o-y growth, while paid claims decreased by more than 35%.

All in all, direct non-life insurers closed 1H2013 with a balance of PLN 824.5 million on the technical account and a net profit of PLN 5.22 billion.

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