POLAND, 3Q2018: Bancassurance arrangements provided for 12.6% of the market GWP

25 January 2019 — Daniela GHETU
The Polish bancassurance distribution channel provided for 12.6% of the total premium production of the local market in 3Q2018, i.e. for a GWP volume of PLN 5.8 billion.

In comparison with previous years' similar periods, the bancassurance channel's performance was lower, both in relative and absolute terms, while the total market's GWP amounted to similar values, of about PLN 46 billion. Thus, the bancassurance intermediation degree went down from 27.1% in 3Q2014, to the said 12.6% in 3Q2018, shows the Bancassurance report published by PIU - the Polish Chamber of Insurers.

If considering only the life insurance sector, the bancassurance intermediation degree was of 27.2% (decreasing from 44.6% in 3Q2014). In the total life insurance GWP provided by the bancassurance arrangements, investment products are holding the largest share (PLN 2.82 billion), while products related to the banking ones' account for a total of PLN 1.45 billion.

The bancassurance report is available here, in Polish
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