POLAND: Europ Assistance Polska sums up the last year

17 January 2022 — Marina MAGNAVAL
During the 25th year of Europ Assistance's operations in Poland, the company's service volumes returned to pre-pandemic levels, and in some areas, the operator of assistance services handled even more cases than in the period before Covid-19.

In total, in 2021, Europ Assistance Polska handled almost 7% more cases compared to the same period before the pandemic and 30% more cases than in 2020, Gazeta Ubezpieczeniowa reports.

One of the reasons for the increase was growing activity of clients. In 2021, the Emergency Center received 45% more cases in travel assistance than in 2020. The number of handled cases exceeded the 2019 level, which is excellent in terms of tourism.

"In 2020, we faced the global paralysis of tourism due to the pandemic. Even though the threat is not over yet, vaccination and compulsory testing have greatly influenced reopening of tourism. Poles started to travel again, which we can see in our statistics. They also began to pay greater attention to safety and insurance protection during their trips. We are glad that we can support them and help them in various situations during trips abroad", says Ryszard GRZELAK, president of Europ Assistance Polska.

The interest in medical assistance also increased by 6%, with health assistance making up 14% of all cases. There was also a high rate of using a remote form of contact with a doctor. On average, over 57% of cases were carried out in the form of video / teleconsultation, while, according to Europ Assistance Polska, in 2019 the level of using distance contact was on average 4.5%.

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