POLAND: Insurance Guarantee Fund has a new President

25 September 2019 — Cosmin CONCEATU
The Council of the Insurance Guarantee Fund of Poland (UFG) unanimously adopted on 19 September 2019 a resolution on the appointment of Malgorzata SLEPOWRONSKA, currently member of the board, as the President of UFG.

Up until now, SLEPOWRONSKA was responsible for the development of databases and IT infrastructure, one of the key tools that sets the strategic direction of the Fund. Thanks to the UFG database, it is possible to determine if a given vehicle is insured in with a mandatory MTPL policy, only by introducing the number plate of the vehicle into the search field.

One of the main tasks of the Insurance Guarantee Fund is the payment of compensations to victims of accidents caused by uninsured and unknown perpetrators. After the payment of such a benefit, the Fund claims the sums paid from the owner of the guilty vehicle without a valid MTPL insurance, as well as from the person who was driving that vehicle. UFG is also responsible for the detection of uninsured vehicles from Polish roads, imposing penalties on the owners of these vehicles.

SLEPOWRONSKA has been associated with the insurance sector since 2009. In June 2016 she was appointed to the management board of UFG.

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