POLAND: MTPL average price lower than in April 2021

20 October 2022 —
According to the CUK Ubezpieczenia data, MTPL average rate in Poland in September was 2.2% lower than in January. On the other hand, the average price of Motor Hull increased significantly (10%), Gazeta Ubezpieczeniowa reports.

The average third party liability insurance for motor vehicle owners in September was PLN 518 (~EUR 106), which is 2.2% less than in the first month of this year. Despite rising inflation, the prices surprise drivers with a downward trend.

In September, MTPL insurance prices were not only lower than at the beginning of the year, but also by nearly 6% lower than in April 2021. This confirms strong competition among insurers in this market segment.

*1 EUR = 4.86 PLN (30.09.2022)