POLAND: Number of accidents caused by Polish vehicles decreased after 6 years of consecutive growth

18 June 2020 — press.release
For the first time in the past 6 years, the number of accidents due to the guilt of Polish drivers on foreign roads has started to decrease. At the end of 2019, for 12 months ended, Polish motorists caused 73 thousand accidents, 3% less when compared to over 75 thousand events during 2018. Traditionally, most of the accidents caused by Polish drivers happened on the roads of Germany, France, Italy, Great Britain and the Netherlands. Drivers of vehicles with Polish license plates cause 200 events per day on foreign roads.

Mariusz Wichtowski, President of the Board of the Polish Motor Insurers' Bureau, said:

"The decrease in the number of events caused by Polish motorists on foreign roads is a positive signal. For many years, we have only seen an increasing trend in this indicator. (...) Due to the coronavirus pandemic and the closure of borders for passenger vehicles for several months, cross-border collisions may be less. (...) In the last decade, the number of events caused by our motorists abroad has doubled. It is a derivative on the one hand of intensive economic migration and tourist traffic, and on the other hand the inability to adapt to different rules and behaviors on foreign roads, as well as low driving culture. This translates into a successively increasing financial burden on the Polish insurance market for damage caused outside of Poland by drivers of vehicles equipped with national license plates for which insurance policies have been issued by insurance companies operating in the country. In 2019, it amounted to nearly PLN 1.6 billion."

The value of damages caused by Polish motorists without liability increased again. In 2019, PBUK covered 585 benefits worth nearly PLN 16 million, almost twice as much as in the previous year. A year earlier it reached PLN 8.7 million. So there was almost twice the expenses of the Polish insurance market for irresponsible drivers. Paying liabilities for damages resulting from events caused by Polish motorists driving uninsured vehicles belongs to the Polish Motor Insurers' Bureau.

Source: pbuk.pl

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