POLAND: PZU made public its new development strategy until 2014, PZU 2.0

Customer centricity, efficiency, innovativity are the main coordinates of the PZU's development new strategy for 2012-2014, called PZU 2.0. According to a recent press release of the Polish group, PZU 2.0. means a new vision for the insurer, which, thanks to strong customer orientation and high operational efficiency has become the largest and most profitable insurance company in Central and Eastern Europe. By implementing the strategy, PZU targets a PLN 2 billion organic growth in GWP by the end 2014.

So far, PZU has focused, in its strategy, on the strongly cooperating companies and business lines based on the products. The new business philosophy stresses the unity of the PZU Group as an organization, functioning according to customer segments and actively manage the relationship with them. Operational sign of this change is to implement multi-channel model of integrated sales and service, striving for full automation. "In recent years, the PZU Group's done a great job. We leave behind the archaic procedures, paper flow of documents. New PZU is the vision of a strong consumer oriented brand, using modern technologies in the service of the customer", said Andrzej Klesyk, CEO of PZU SA.

The confirmation of the strategy of PZU 2.0 are the four pillars, based on fundamental customer segmentation. In the category of mass customer PZU goal is to maintain position and profitability in the insurance segment and property, and the use of in-depth knowledge of customer behavior.

The PZU Group will build its image and position in the savings and investment, creating a strong and recognizable submark? PZU Investment reflects the powers and position of an expert in asset management. The expanded product range will also be in the field of investment, with particular emphasis on long term savings schemes.

The customer segment of the PZU Group intends to maintain its market share in the group life insurance while maintaining high profitability. A key tool for achieving this would offer the Club PZU Life Help, which provides a unique competitive advantage of PZU and allows you to develop personal relationships with customers.

PZU Group's ambition is to become the pioneer and creator of the health insurance market. In the next few years, the PZU Group plans to build a strong leadership position in the market, so as to make PZU was also associated with the health care market. PZU will improve ambulatory products and introduce new insurance products anxiety.

In the corporate client's ambition is to build a position PZU business partner, providing not only insurance products, but also advise customers in the management of risk, particularly to define their insurance needs.

One factor that will support the implementation of business strategy is to be new service model that provides easy access to the Client and increased satisfaction while optimizing costs.

The PZU Group has the potential to allocate PLN 6-7 billion to build a substantial international business by working with a financial investor and the appointment of the company PZU International. Its task is to lead to the PZU Group's acquisition activities and managing foreign operations of the PZU Group in order to increase their value.

Implementing the Strategy for the years 2012-2014 will contribute to achieving ambitious financial goals. PZU plans to increase gross written premium of PZU Group 2 billion PLN (counted from the end of 2011 to the end of 2014, without taking into account the effects of PZU International and increasing premiums of health insurance if they allowed private operators to manage public health premiums). Also plans to keep 30% of ROE (ROE calculated for 250% capital requirement by. Solvency I).

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