POLAND: PZU wins the "Best Insurer in Poland"

25 March 2024 — Marina MAGNAVAL

At the 9th edition of the Institution of the Year project PZU won the title of the "Best Insurer in Poland" for another year in a row.

Institution of the Year is the largest and most comprehensive project on the market focused on the quality of customer service in the banking and insurance sectors. The primary goal of the project is to constantly improve service quality standards and build customer satisfaction, while also meeting the constantly growing and changing customer expectations. The "Best Insurer in Poland" prize consists of 3 categories:

  1. The best service in the facility
  2. The best service in remote channels
  3. The best remote process of concluding a travel insurance policy.

Last year was extremely profitable for the largest Polish insurer. PZU's net profit attributed to the owners of the parent company increased by 52.5% to a record of PLN 5.77 billion (~EUR 1.33 billion).

“The results achieved last year constitute a solid foundation for the continued development of the PZU Group's business and further strengthening of its leading role in the Polish financial sector. A positive signal is not only the dynamics and amount of the annual result, but also its quality. It is based on stable foundations and repeatable processes in insurance, which is fundamental to PZU”, says Anita Elzanowska, member of the supervisory board of PZU SA, delegated to temporarily act as president of the company's management board.

*EUR 1 = PLN 4.34 (31.12.2023)