POLAND: Prudential to re-enter Poland

13 August 2012 —
United Kingdom-based multinational insurance and financial services company Prudential is set to launch a business in Poland as it looks to expand outside its core markets of the UK, US and east Asia, reports The Financial Times.

The insurer was already operating in the country before the Second World War, but its assets were seized by Nazi occupying authorities following the invasion of Poland in 1939. Now it wants to come back to start life insurance operations.

Expanding to Poland is significant for the firm, writes the daily, as Prudential wound down its insurance operations in Europe about a decade ago and expanded into fast-growing emerging markets in Asia
In Poland, Prudential is hoping to capitalize on forecast economic growth of about 4 percent a year until 2015. It is now awaiting the go-ahead from Polish regulators.

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POLAND: Prudential to re-enter Poland
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