PZU President Pawel SUROWKA has resigned

13 March 2020 — Cosmin CONCEATU
On March 12, 2020, PZU announced the resignation of Pawel SUROWKA, President of PZU Group. During his leadership, PZU Group's net profit doubled, ROE increased by 40%, while the premiums written went up 20%.

Pawel SUROWKA was associated with the PZU Group for four years. He served as the president of PZU for three years. Previously, he held the position of President of PZU Zycie and was a board member responsible for investments.

Maciej LOPINSKI, PZU Chairman of the Supervisory Board, said:

"Many thanks to Pawel SUROWKA, who as the president of the company was the creator of the strategy "New PZU - more than insurance". His merits are not only the record-breaking results achieved in the Group's stock market history last year, but also a number of innovative projects."

At the time Pawel SUROWKA was the president of PZU, the Group was also involved in the international promotion of Poland and the Polish economy, opening the Polish House during the World Economic Forum in Davos, participating in the creation of a joint stock index of the Three Seas countries and appointing the Business Council of Central and Eastern Europe .

Pawel SUROWKA commented:

"It was a great honor for me to manage the largest financial group in this part of Europe. In particular, I am thankful for the opportunity to cooperate with exceptional people who are distinguished by professionalism, knowledge and commitment. Of all the successes we have achieved, I am the most proud of the highest level of employee involvement in the history of PZU, which resulted in record-breaking PZU Group results last year."

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