PZU extends cyber insurance for SMEs during work from home period

8 April 2020 — Daniela GHETU
PZU adapts to its SME clients' needs in the current COVID-19 crisis by extending the coverage of the protection package for small and medium companies with Cyber insurance, considering the higher exposure to hacker attacks while working remotely.

Working remotely, we use IT tools much more often. They make it easier to perform tasks at a distance, but also give the hackers who have recently become active the opportunity to show off. "It may turn out that securing computers and network infrastructure and raising employee awareness are not enough. Cyber criminals are very resourceful and willing to use the pandemic confusion. That is why we provide protection against online threats and quick help in the event of cyber-attacks," says Jakub ORLICZ from the PZU Mass Products Office.

In the event of a cyber-attack, the insurer will organize and cover the costs of assistance of incident management specialists, investigative IT specialists, law firms and PR agencies. "Organizing quick and effective assistance of specialized teams can be difficult and time consuming for entrepreneurs. That is why we guarantee them support in a crisis situation," PZU Property Insurance Director Pawel ZMUDZKI pointed out. In addition, PZU compensates for the loss of profit and expenses necessary to maintain the company's operations, and also covers the costs of any penalties and claims.

Entrepreneurs from the small and medium-sized enterprises sector can choose PZU Cyber insurance, which protects against cyber and RODO risks, or PZU Data Protection, which provides assistance in the event of personal data breaches.

An additional offer for companies from the SME sector is insurance in the PZU Electronic Equipment Advisor package. For many companies organizing the work from home supposed allowing employees to take home computers and other office equipment necessary to perform their duties. The PZU product extends the protection offered to these equipment for the period they are used at home.

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